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Why to go for Rekey services?

Lock Rekey is a specialized service in which the basic lock machinery is altered to enable it to work with another key which is not the original one. This also allows you to augment the safety of your home, business office or car immediately without undertaking the hassles and costs of new lock and key.

Be rest assured that the lock rekey service is an extremely reliable service when delivered by expert and professional locksmiths who have years of experience doing this job. Yes you guessed it right! Rekeying a lock is much cheaper as well as compared to buying a new lock with its key and bearing its installation costs too.

Know more about Rekey services

Rekeying can be done with your same lock with only its internal apparatus changed and with a new key. So you can dispose of the old key and it will be no longer compatible with the newly configured lock.

Rekey services can be easily and efficiently performed on all locks on which the internal machinery can be altered. This service is an instant cost effective way of enhancing safety whether it is a residential, commercial or industrial area.

The only prerequisite would be a consultation with a professional locksmith from a reputed locksmith company who can review the lock and tell if the lock’s internal mechanism is compatible to being rekeyed.

Completing a rekey service requires extreme precision and expertise in the art of lock rekeying. It is advisable that job of rekeying is contracted out to a professional from a trusted locksmith company who will ensure safety requirements are met while carrying out the job. The time taken for rekeying may be different for different types of locks like the deadbolt or a simple latch bolt lock.

Hire the best professional Rekey service experts

Hire one of the best lock installation professionals by contacting the reputed and trusted locksmith company which has been serving the New York City area for more than 20 years.

Our professional and reliable locksmiths with assist you in strengthening the safety of your home, business office or car by providing 24 hour round the clock service. It is important that this process be performed by trusted and reliable locksmiths to add that layer of high security to give that much needed peace of mind to you.

Our dependable and expert locksmith services are available 24X7 to resolve all your rekey needs! Contact us on (800) 371-5979 to allow us to assist you today

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